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pus adiós, Neza,
chido por estos cotorreos, ¿no?
pues ya me voy, je, ya qué:
adiós a todas esas pinches mentes locas
que andan por ai en tus calles:
a la banda, a los rateros,
a los uniformados, a las pinches patrullas
que ya ni sirven pero ai las train,
al pinche gobierno
que nos subió el azúcar,
———-hijo de su pinche madre…
bueno, luego nos vemos, Neza,
a la Banda Mierdas, ¿qué?:
chidos sus cotos
en buena onda,
puros cotorreos
con ellos, algunos choros
que la neta ni te digo
porque me voy a poner a chillar
———-y te voy a mentar la madre.

* * *

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tindersticks : city sickness


[nadie es inocente]

One Comment

  1. I’m crawling, don’t know where to or from
    The centre of things from where everything stems
    Is not where I belong
    And the city sickness, growing inside me
    So this is where I ran for freedom
    Where I may not be free

    I have these hands beating with love for you
    And you’re not here to touch
    Sent you away, what else can I do
    When I need something that much?
    I’m hurting babe, in the city there’s no place for love
    It’s just used to make people feel better
    It’s not like us
    I got this sickness as I got off the train
    Now it chafes away at my heart
    Until nothing remains

    I’m okay afterwards
    Afterwards lasts for minutes only
    I’m okay during
    You kind of fill up my mind
    It’s just that before may last forever
    It’s just that before may just fuck my mind

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