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todos mis muertos / eyes be closed mixtape


1. todos mis muertos (alonso)
elvis + prince rama : can’t help falling in love / land of the apocalypse
popol vuh : brüder des schattens
yo la tengo : everyday
mercury rev : blue and black
actress : maze
water borders : akko (petals remix)
prince rama of ayodhya : land of the apocalypse transcended

2. eyes be closed (gabriel)
the caretaker : tiny gradations of loss
puccini + karajan : madama butterfly – coro a bocca chiusa
jocelyn pook : masked ball
mr. dorgon : bagpipe (vinyl version)
lèolo : bianca mon amour
conrad schnitzler + william carlos williams : ballet statique (this is just to say)
memory tapes : yes i know
tindersticks : the black mountain
washed out : eyes be closed
moby : god moving over the face of the waters
arvo pärt + ts eliot : spiegel im spiegel (the waste land)



  1. I really liked…

  2. chido, octavio. si se puede, nos regalas un rt?


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