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es verdad: donde estás tú (es decir, en mi cama, dándome la espalda ahora mismo, cubierta con el edredón hasta la cabeza, apenas un poquito de tu pelo visible sobre la almohada) está el mundo.

* * *

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the majestic arrows : love is all i need

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  1. más de henry vi:

    Tis not the Land I care for, wer’t thou thence,
    A Wildernesse is populous enough,
    So Suffolke had thy heauenly company:
    For where thou art, there is the World it selfe,
    With euery seuerall pleasure in the World:
    And where thou art not, Desolation.
    I can no more: Liue thou to ioy thy life;
    My selfe no ioy in nought, but that thou liu’st.


    la foto es de thobias fäldt, serie the dollar bill.

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