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¿será de veras que en el minuto 4:20 de let’s get it on de marvin gaye, rola cachonda donde las haya, rola sudorosa, chupadora, extremadamente sexual, nacida para coger o mejor para suplicar por coger; será cierto que en ese instante entran los mejores aplausos de la historia de la música, rocksoulbluesjazzfunkdance o cualquier otra, habida y por haber, del día uno hasta el final de los tiempos? es muy probable que así sea. bájala. compruébalo.

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marvin gaye : let’s get it on


  1. acá lo que dice the wire de esta obra maestra en su 100 most important records ever made:

    Let’s get it on
    You’re not supposed to like this one best, but then neither are you supposed to think sex is more interesting than politics. Gaye had already kick-started the concept of the black concept album with What’s Going On two years previously. Yet that album, magnificent rhetorical statement that it is, is only a statement; it is emblematic of a state of mind. Let’s Get It On is the thing itself, a musical fucking session that dares to include all the worry stuff – from seduction doubtle-talk to post-coital ash-raking, via the existential value of cuddling and the certainty of death, Gloomy? You got it. Not to mention dark, lush, tremulous, churchy and too short. Soul has never been so concentrated. Gaye packs all its big themes (plus several of the smaller ones) into barely half an hour’s-worth of densely figured narratives, in which the central protagonist writhes like the moral lover of medieval Romance and the ensemble lifts up his voice like a chalice. The title-track, incidentally, includes the best-sited hand-claps in recorded history.

  2. o, como dijo dipli: yo if u hate on that show .you hate yourself..


    la versión de jack black tiene que ser un chiste para él mismo, no?

  3. sí, no mames.


    y bueno, qué dices(n), mejores aplausos o no?

    • isabel
    • Posted May 27, 2008 at 9:34 pm
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    la andaba buscando, merci merci.

    • elraji
    • Posted May 29, 2008 at 2:16 pm
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    hoy tampoco subieron antrobiótica, tendré que comprar el peiper, será posible tener las dos entregas anteriores?



  4. tampoco en papel han aparecido. ojalá que pronto!

  5. ¡Por Dios! Bueno espero que me sirva para ligar jajajaja

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